Karen Brash McGreer

Karen Brash McGreer is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Sex Therapist. She holds two Masters degrees, one from Temple University in Education, and one from the Family Institute of Philadelphia. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1968. Her extensive experience in nursing and physical rehabilitation led her to specialize in the emotional, relational, and sexual aspects of health care.

Karen is also a frequent speaker on sexual health, intimacy, and loving through sickness and in health. She has made several hundred media appearances, and has been a frequent guest on various local and national radio and television programs, including Voices in the Family on NPR with Dan Gottlieb. She appeared over 100 times on ABC affiliated AM Philadelphia, where she co-produced 20 minute segments on sexuality, relationships, and family life. She did similar brief segments on Philadelphia's CBS evening news twice weekly for a year. She appeared several times on Bob Berkowitz' Real Personal on CNBC.

Dr. Greg McGreer and Karen Brash McGreer have served as spokespersons for Viagra with Phizer and Caverject, with Pharmacia Upjohn, doing media tours across the U.S. and in Europe. Together they hosted the weekly radio show, LOVE MATTERS, which aired in Boston, Providence, and Phoenix. They produced an audiotape called Learning To Last Longer for Better Sex to help men master ejaculatory control. They are featured in a Discovery Health Channel special called Aphrodisiacs: Myth or Medicine, which is still airing. Greg and Karen are known nationally for their warm lighthearted styles.

Strengthening Marriages One at a Time

Up Close With the McGreers

Dr. Greg McGreer

Dr. Greg McGreer received his PhD in Psychology from Greenwich University of Australia, MSW from University of Utah, and BS in Social Work from Brigham Young University. Dr. McGreer's background is in clinical social work, education, and psychology. As a private practitioner, he provides mental health assessments, diagnosis and treatment of sexual difficulties, individual and marriage psychotherapy. Dr. McGreer has lectured on topics such as: Tools for Intimacy, Increasing Sexual Passion and Loving Energy in Marriage, and Enhancing Ejaculatory Control for Men.

Mark C. Still, MSW

Mark has been a provider of clinical social work since 1990, when he worked as an intern in the Camden, NJ, School District. He enjoyed working in the school so much that he even had a stint as teacher in various American states and as vice-principal in Warsaw, Poland. He works well with children and teens and families. And he has been treating addiction since 1995, as well as leads a Men's Group. "What I know about all of us is, we have a story. You have a story. I will elicit it and celebrate it, and help you to edit and express your story in such a manner that you will leave my sessions smiling, filled with a renewed appreciation of what you can achieve. You are stronger and more capable than you realizes.