Why Enrich Your Marriage?
Every marriage can suffer the effects of complacency. The only obstacle to a great marriage is a good marriage. Since there are no perfect people or perfect marriages, there is always room to grow. Small group formats designed to stimulate private sharing between partners provide a series of topics and exercises.

Strengthening Marriages One at a Time

Extended Services

Marriage Enrichment
Marriage Enrichment is a worldwide movement that began three decades ago as a way to strengthen marriages, and thus families. It is a process where couples build on their strengths to make good marriages better. The seminar is co-sponsored by Better Marriages, which was founded in 1973. Better Marriages is a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization whose mission is to affirm marriages based on partnership and companionship. Seminars are scheduled every 2-3 months. The McGreers are available to travel to your organization or church for marriage enrichment events lasting anywhere from 2-10 hours.

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Counseling Services

Individual and Couple Therapy

Family Therapy
Many of life's challenges impact the entire family system. The solution to these problems are enhanced by partner and family participation in therapy.

Group Therapy

Share support and encouragement.  Group therapy is designed to enhance personal development and strengthen relationships.  Our Men's group is lead by Mark Still MSW.  Contact our office for upcoming sessions. 

Sex Therapy
The field of sex therapy is undergoing a major paradigm shift, thanks to the theory and practice being taught by Dr. David Schnarch, author of Constructing The Sexual Crucible: Integration of Sexual and Marital Therapy (1991), and Passionate Marriage: Sex, Love, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships (1997). The goal of sex therapy is to assist clients to heal their sexual frustrations and disappointments, and then guide them to reach their sexual potential.

Greg & Karen have each been practicing sex therapy for more than two decades. Sex therapy consultations in person are easily achieved by those traveling to the Delaware Valley, but the McGreers are available for phone consultations for those that are at a greater distance.