"Thank you for meeting with us today. After meeting with you, we both instantly remembered why we liked your help! We left feeling uplifted and as if we had a practical plan for how to help ourselves during the next two weeks. Perhaps my husband said it best.  As we were leaving, he said "She is so knowledgeable." So thank you for making us feel comfortable and helping us see that our 'problems' are not unusual. We look forward to working on our marriage with you." 

The Cornerstone

The cornerstone of the family is the marriage. Even the best relationships need to be regularly refined and refocused. Relationships, like all living things, need routine maintenance and nurturing. Committed partners need special opportunities to re-connect.

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Strengthening Marriages One at a Time

Welcome to Intentional Marriage.com

Karen's goal...

… has been to point the way to healthier marriages by supporting life-long growth for married partners. She encourages participation in the Marriage Enrichment movement, and has dedicated her life to strengthening marriages.

The aim of this practice is to offer opportunities for couples to build on their strengths, skills, and resources to develop more satisfying marriages and therefore happier and healthier families. Marriage Enrichment is a worldwide movement that began decades ago as a way to strengthen marriages, and thus families. It is a process where couples build on their strengths to make good marriages better.

Brash McGreer Associates...​

...began in 1994 with the marriage of Dr. Greg McGreer and Karen Brash. Prior to their marriage they each had longstanding independent counseling practices. Their office is in Medford, bordering the Pinelands Natural Reserve of Burlington County, New Jersey. They are located 30 minutes east of Philadelphia and 45 minutes from the Jersey Shore. Karen McGreer offers a variety of counseling services such as Marriage and Family Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Marriage Seminars, as well as a performance art called Whats So Funny about Love & Marriage?!

The Ultimate Date Night

Come enjoy Jazz Standards with Karen McGreer accompanied by Joe Luca, jazz pianist, as we present "What's So Funny about Love & Marriage?!" Comedy & Cabaret.

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